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为支持澳大利亚国会通过《马格尼茨基人权法案 Magnitsky Act in Australia》,我写了一封英文版支持信


Subject: Please Pass the Magnitsky Act in Australia

Dear Committee Secretary:

Thank you read my email. My name is ****** (Passport Number E********) from mainland China and a victim of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime. I am writing to urge you to support the Parliament to pass the Magnitsky Act in Australia.

As an IT entrepreneur and a dissident to the CCP regime, I was wanted by the CCP regime for developing and deploying network services that were banned by the CCP regime. But I was lucky to escaped from mainland China and was protected by the Australian government and laws. In Australia, I developed and deployed the most advanced Anti-GFW system again, which helped countless Chinese people to access the free Internet that was no censorship by the CCP regime. Its significance is no less than helping East Germans to cross the Berlin Wall to the west in the 1980s. I can able to establish the stable Anti-GFW system again because of the protect by Australia laws, which can keep all time available even be attacked continuously by the CCP regime. Therefore, I believe that if the Magnitsky Act in Australia is passed, it will further combat the CCP ’s persecution of human rights and threats to worldwide freedom, and encourage more people (including Chinese people living in mainland China) to against this evil CCP regime.

The Great Firewall (GFW) which is a digital Berlin Wall, has not only violated the freedom of speech and personal privacy of Chinese people, it has now used advanced IT technology and Chinese language barriers to divide the world into two opposing parts. The global pandemic of Wuhan Pneumonia Virus (COVID19) is the result of GFW's censorship of speech. The CCP regime use the world ’s leading IT technology and financial resources to attempt to deploy the GFW system to Western developed countries legally. The purpose is to control the Western developed countries ’intelligence systems and free societies. The reason why Magnitsky Act in Australia is so important is that it can authorize the Australian government to freeze the visas and assets of CCP officials who endanger human rights. These CCP officials used the bugs of Western developed countries to defraud Australian visas and used illegal assets from the CCP regime to establish a censorship system controlled by the CCP, namely the overseas version of GFW or GFW-in-AUSTRALIA.

If Australia does not pass the Magnitsky Act immediately, I think the CCP regime will establish completely the GFW-in-AUSTRALIA system within five years. At that time, we will be difficult to combat it because the GFW-IN-AUSTRALIA will be deployed and controlled by the CCP legally and protect in Australian laws. Then Australia’s free society will be undermined by Australia’s own laws.

The Magnitsky Act is a vaccine used to prevent deadly viruses from the CCP regime and other authoritarian countries. Australia must pass it as soon as possible.

I live in Australia and thanks Australia for protecting me, so I have an obligation to help Australia against aggression and destruction from the CCP.



Phone: 04*********

Add: ***********, Sydney NSW 20**


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