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Conditions and Methods of Join Us


Generally we welcome everyone to join us. We have some conditions, however, for the safety and security of our organisation and members.


You agree with our ideology and you have to be brave enough to take actions. You are willing to devote your time, energy, and money. The experience of resisting the Chinese Communist Party is required.


You must be proficient in using social media and be able to circumvent the internet censorship, and Google and Telegram for example as well. Photographers and witty talkers are highly welcome!


You’d better be outside China or hold foreign citizenship so you can go abroad at any time you need. You must be able to afford the movement of resisting and daily life. We don’t want you to end up behind the bar or have difficulties living.


Please contact us ASAP if you meet our demands above! We will meet you and talk about our plans to take down the CCP !


Of course it’s not our real address.

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