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We are a group of ordinary people without big dreams and high expectations but conscious. We believe the justice will take down the evil, and freedom will arrive China. Our goal is to eliminate Communist Party of China, the evil organisation, profoundly in China. We will realise authentic democracy and freedom in the land.

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作为一个合格民间业余新闻记者的基本素养 The SECRET to be a Qualified Unofficial Journalists


2019年7月10日,湖南衡東縣洣水一處堤壩決堤造成4村受災。圖:IC photo | On July 10th, 2019, the collapsed dam incurred the turmoils of 4 villages in Hengdong County, Hunan Province. Credit: IC Photo


Seemingly, it"s just like two paralleled world between both sides of the Great Firewall(The Internet Censorship Running in Mainland China). All the media run by officials and individuals spread propaganda on gun firing and disasters outside China from day to night. Interestingly that's something I have never seen as a resident living in “the unliveable capitalist society” and in a neighbourhood which is relatively less ordered compared to other ones in my city in Australia. I haven't even experienced any burglary here! Outside of the Firewall, it's frequently reported the chaos, murder, rape, corruptions, wrongful convictions, and the anti-human acts of CPC(Communist Party of China). These are mostly all facts, but exaggerated ones, based on my 30-year experience of life in China.


Both the news from China and outside has serious problems in common. Fake news it is.


Seriously, all news created by Chinese media, yes, it is created, is full of personalised opinions, unclear sources, exaggerations, and made-up nonsense. Which means they are not producing news, but something no better than talk shows.


Friends of mine asked me to post some articles of the flood everywhere in China, and the execution for a son(as know as Zhang Koukou) who avenged mother’s death. I hesitated to write for long, to be responsible for my writings. To make it clear, I never doubt the existence of the flood in China currently, be absolutely supportive for the avenge of the son. Unfortunately, it’s nearly inaccessible to the exact location or specific data of the flood on the internet. All the information online are untrusted and unclear. Everything found is merely videos come out of nowhere and stories told by no one. Passages with such resources are less valuable, which are not worth writing.


Despite that news editing and press are illegal for individuals in China, which are totally anti-human and nonsense, it should have been annulled. Every single photo published on Twitter, Weibo, WeChat Moment is actually news, that is legal. Editing is a talent, which is impossible to be forbidden by anyone of Nazi, CPC or Kim Jong-un. They may just send someone after you.


Here it comes, the essential skill of an amateur journalist , to help you work like a pro without training. In simplicity, the right way of tweeting:


The Three Factors of News: WHEN, WHERE, WHAT


It's good to study from those famous beauties who post her nice photos every day. The reason for them to be popular is to mark the exact location of the place of attraction and the time(through receipt, watch, smartphone or newspaper)every time they post. These are factors to convince you that they did have fun in recent days and at places on your wishlist. They always display their faces, legs and breasts as well, to make sure you are attracted by their gorgeous legs, pretty faces, and hot breasts. There won't be males showing up in the picture to tell that they are single and more accessible to those poor singles. Those popular pretty girls are not distinguished only out of their body, as there are too many. It is because they studied news!

福利来了,韩国网红模特zennyrt的露肉照,重点看红框内 Here comes something you enjoy, the sexy picture of Korean popular model, Zennyrt. Read the Red bracket carefully.


Turn to the search results of the flood in China on Twitter(I don’t want to talk about Weibo, everything related has been deleted). From the videos on Twitter, there are either endless water in the city or a group of citizens keeling on the ground and holding some slogans. Neither time stamp nor coordinates can be found in the video.Some dialog in the background may be heard but impossible to find out if it's original or edited . These videos cannot convince others that it's authentic even it's actually real.


Is it possible to find out WHEN, WHERE and WHAT through the video?


Frankly, its not that difficult to add time stamp, and shoot landmark. Grab the latest newspaper and walk to the major road in the city, record the title and date of the newspaper clearly to illustrate the date. What you need to shoot is not only the flood but the local street, name of stores and cars merged by water, especially the stores with the name of your city and contact numbers. Shooting banks and street signs. The video would be authentic and fantastic news material if it is possible to capture the watered vehicles and people sailing on the boat.




Details determine the videos you captured to be jokes or news.


The Cohesion and Coherence of the news.


Take the pretty girl once more. She would receive few likes from her friends and families if she only posted one or two sexy pictures online. And her friends are less likely to save and forward her pictures as they may not be her admirers. The only way to be noticed is to post with persistence.


Same reason, if you posted only one single video about the flood, it shouldn't be noticed even if it's authentic. You should insist on recording and uploading since you really intend to reveal the truth of the situation in your hometown, make it public and receive more attention and help internationally. You are facing more enemies besides CPC(Communist Party of China), who suppresses free press sickly and brings you to conviction. The other would be the media with no conscience, attempting to cover your voice by making gossip news massively. Then what you need to do is to send a large number of videos besides keeping a fair authenticity. No one ignores you if there are hundreds of videos of different time and different days on your twitter.


Persistent and authentic report is the key to take down fake news and gossips.


The media and major body of publishing.


I won't make examples with hot girls this time, since it’s less serious.


The disaster report is something the sovereign of dictatorship strictly control, lead to fail of authenticity and instantaneity. Chernobyl, for example, it has not been given any believed reasons by the government. It's been thirty years, the investigation of a simple crisis was not processed successfully. This illustrates the government will do every means to erase the truth.

30多年过去了,切尔诺贝利真相依然众说纷纭 It’s been more than 30 years, the truth of Chernobyl was still buried underground.

不过现在有了互联网,信息传播障碍比30年前小了太多,政府以肉体毁灭为最终消灭真相的方式不起作用了,因此才有了防火墙的建立。所以现在最大的障碍也就是防火墙,需要做的也就是翻个墙发到油管推特而已,还是so easy的。只需要买个装了google play的二手水货安卓机,下载个SSR找个免费的机场,再注册个telegram和twitter,起个简单明了的名字,如“中国大陆2019夏季洪灾实时报道”,即可成为业余记者。

Luckily, now we have the Internet, making it much easier to spread information, while the typical way, demolish the flesh, won’t work. This is also the reason why they build the great Firewall, which is the greatest obstacle. What you need to do is get a second hand imported Android smartphone, download SSR(ShadowSocksR, a popular software in Mainland China to bypass censorship), get an “airport”(ShadowsocksR Server, ShadowSocksR Client is called “plane” for its icon) online, sign up Telegram, Twitter and YouTube, get a easily recognised name, such as”Mainland China 2019 Summer Flood Real-time”, you can be a amateur journalist! You just need to bypass the Great Firewall and send to YouTube and Twitter. So Easy!


In simplicity, the best media is: Twitter, YouTube. The Major body is yourself!


How to make the news attractive




Never Use A Clickbait Title!

Never Use A Clickbait Title!

Never Use A Clickbait Title!




You would be few steps away from making fake news if you have been brain-washed by the articles full of clickbait titles on TopBuzz or WeChat and start to do so unconsciously. Professionals will never read “A woman stay in a room privately with Donald Trump for three days and resigned with fury after”.

It matters to be simple and direct, and there is no need for emotions and side of views to be involved. The reader has his own view if there is strong evidence. For instance, you only need to clarify the time, matters and locations, such as”The Video of flood is shot at Hunan Province, XX city, XX county, XX Street on July 20th, 2019. The depth of the water is XX meters.” And then post the video.


The most simple way to draw attention is to “@“ a popular tweeter, or leave a message to organisations and individuals related to this topic. It will be read and forwarded by a great many of people as you keep tweeting. You need to do more if you were not noticed.


How to protect yourself and your CI


You need to understand what you are doing is to work against the dictating government and its censorship, which is something most worried by the dictator. Once you get caught, they will make you convict for inciting social disorder. You will be detained for 15 days at least, or stay 3-5 years behind the bar if it's really mattered. For this reason, taking actions to protect your privacy is compulsory for your own safety. You may read the passages written before to study about that. The key is to separate your activities on different devices and sim cards, to isolate your identity with your activities. You should stop reporting after the flood and throw the smart phones into water which you shoot videos and upload these videos. Make sure you have erased all evidence.


While shooting videos, I don't think you are stupid enough to put your selfie as profile photo. You may interview strangers or run a group of journalists, who are probable to be exposed. It brings danger to you and others. Every individual should ware masks, sunglasses and caps. Wear less special cloth, don't show your tattoo or birthmark. No monologue(No one enjoys your dialect). Stay miles away from your home while shooting. Don't shoot plates number if you are driving. Check all your footage before sending to twitter and remove all your personal information(Face, Plates, Voice, Decoration, etc).


The last and the most essential remind, never shoot videos and tweet on same mobile phone. You must hide the mobile phone safely, which you use to bypass the censorship and send Twitters. Never bring it with you while shooting outside or connect to your home Wi-Fi. Always use Cellular Network(2G/3G/4G). It would be better if you use foreign SIM card(More expensive).


The passage is a little bit long as I repeated some opinions for a couple of times, just to make it understood.


“Journalist” is not an occupation proving their work through working for some companies or facilities. It can be anyone! As long as you think you are responsible for the truth and the society.


To some extent, I am a journalist myself. I keep the record of the activities that I took part in. I have never been paid. I pay for my cost actually. I am also responsible for what I have written. According to what I have mentioned above, I consider myself as a qualified journalist, which makes me proud of myself.


I wish my article to be helpful to everyone who would like to be an unofficial journalist.






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