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民主战车@AU已离线,勿念! Dtank@AU is inactive, Farewell.



You can never wake up someone pretending being in sleep!


Dtank@AU has covered a distance of 15000km in Australia from March 20th 2019 to January 15th 2020. Dtank@AU demonstrated in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Golden coast, Brisbane and massive unknown towns over half of Australia. However……



但是,我实话实说,并没有引起什么骚动。除了激起一些粉红五毛的高潮外,对澳洲本地人和大多数沉默的华人并没有半点影响。这跟我最开始设计和打造 民主战车@AU的设想差太远了。也可以这么说,我远远高估了海外华人对中共政权和中国大陆的关注程度。

However, frankly, the project did not cause many sensations but the climax of some Chinese nationalists. I failed to make a difference to the idea of the locals and the Chinese people suffering from chilling effect. The overseas Chinese people did not show much interest on fighting the Communist regime and mainland China, which was far beyond my plan and expectation that incited me to build Dtank@AU.


I used to be so naive that I believed the people leaving China should be well educated to think independently and crystal clear about the Chinese Communist regime and its status. Theoretically, they should agree with our ideas and actions, but only dare not to express freely. I wished I can help them say it, with Dtank@AU.


However, it’s human’s nature to be selfish, which is the most crucial reason. The Chinese people who received protection visa for the Tian’anmen Square massacre in 1989, wished nothing but a good life. Some of them even regretted for missing the demographic dividend in China in the recent 30 years. Most of the new immigrants coming into Australia in different ways are those who gains vested interests , even including myself. They will never give up their profits. As I don’t have any money in China so I left there without any hesitation. But they will make every means to defend the Chinese Communist authority to make sure the stability of the society and the safety of their properties.


Do they need Dtank@AU to speak for them? Certainly not. Even worse, Dtank@AU can be their enemy.


Will they post any picture of Dtank@AU on their social media to support us? The answer would be even more negative. They may think that Dtank@AU is just fishing.


As the most sophisticated and selfish people in the world, every of the Chinese people are awake, and every one of them are asleep at the same time. Some of them look like in sleep and impossible to wake up, and unfortunately they are ways better than the awake, the Chinese “patriots” shout “F**k your mom” and “Your mom is dead” on streets. Even god cannot same them. The only way to save them is to send them back and face the brutality fist of socialism.


Based on the situation above, I have to admit that Dtank@AU is an unsuccessful project. So I decide to stop the operation.


In the future, I will focus on gearing up the minority of Chinese who are awake and brave to resist Chinese Communist Party instead of doing stupid things like awakening Chinese people.


Despite of the inactivity, I’ll make it clear:


Dtank@AU is an intellectual property authorized by Mr.Xianglin in Japan. It’s not my original or pirated work.


Dtank@AU was operated and funded ONLY by myself. I never received any help or support from anyone. I don’t need it as I have enough fund myself.


The only goal to run the project is to gather around the dissidents and speak for those anti-communism activists, and there aren’t any other intentions. Stop assuming that I do it for Permanent Resident because I don’t need it. I came here years ago via Investment Immigration.


I adhere my principle of fighting Anonymously all the time, and I never expose myself. Anyone with a real name who claim to be funded by Dtank@AU or operated by Dtank@AU are INAUTHENTIC.


Dtank@AU never engage with any conflicts between factions of democratic activists. It is non-commercial. It never ask for fund from any organizations. Dtank@AU never do business of protection visa. Please reach me ASAP if you find anyone do such thing abovewith the name of Dtank@AU. I will notify the official and clear it.


Dtank@AU should be sold in the next few days. And if not, it may turn to a car for private use. As it’s so powerful and I love it so much!












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