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Briar--最适合大规模民众运动的聊天通信软件 The best communication app for large scale movement





Official Website:


(Its seemingly the link above is censorship-free for now)


The Pros:

1、 无中心服务器,点对点加密传输信息

There is no central server, but end to end encryption. Relevant content is stored in encrypted form on participating devices.

2、 可以在无手机网络情况下,通过局域网、WIFI直连和蓝牙等方式通信。

Under the circumstances without Internet connection, it still works with LAN(Local Area Network), Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, etc.

3、 通过互联网传输的信息全部经过tor网络,无法追踪来源。

All the data are transferred with TOR(The Onion Router), which is highly untraceable.

4、 具有群聊、论坛和博客功能,数据储存在本地,不担心被删帖和谐。

With more functions such as Group Chat, Forum, and Blog, all the data is locally stored, meaning there is no possibility for your data to be censored or deleted.

5、 无需注册,设置好昵称和锁定密码即可使用。

There is no need to sign up an account. It becomes useable once you finish setting up your Name and PIN.

6、 多国语言界面,含中文。

It works with multiple languages.

7、 虽然通过互联网发送信息需要配合SSR等翻墙软件(翻墙后才能连接到Tor网络),但局域网、WiFi直连和蓝牙等近距离通信无需翻墙。

LAN, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth works even without internet censorship breaking through software(VPN, SSR, V2ray, etc) in the countries blocked TOR service.

8、 软件使用极其简单,无需任何配置,稳定性极高,没有无故崩溃和信息丢失情况。

Its easy to use, free of complex configuration, highly stable, and no risk of losing your information.

9、 软件开源,代码经过专业安全机构审核。

As an open source software, all the source code is examined by professional organisations and open to view online.



The Cons:

1、 目前仅有安卓版本

Briar only supported by Android, not for IOS for now.

2、 由于没有中心服务器,所以APP必须常驻后台,影响手机续航。一旦后台进程被关闭,就收不到信息了

It has to keep background refresh or fail to receive any message due to the absence of centralised servers.


The account is NON-Transferrable. You have to run the account on only one single mobile phone, otherwise you will reconfigure your account on your new device.


Briar is a messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate, intending to provide secure and resilient peer-to-peer connection with no centralised servers and minimal reliance on external infrastructure. In simplicity, to turn your mobile phone into a digital radio station.



Briar runs seamlessly on Android mobile phones, and displays perfect performance. The app requires background refresh to receive the message as there is no centralised server. To the surprise, Briar runs stable, without facing any unexpected shutdown. The communication function in the absence of internet infrastructure works well, and the message sending and receiving is fairly efficient.

Briar的软件界面,非常简洁,支持中文  The interface of Briar, simple, and Chinese supported.
Briar的软件界面,非常简洁,支持中文 The interface of Briar, simple, and Chinese supported.

Briar支持聊天、群组、论坛和博客功能  Briar handles private chat, group chat, forum and blog.
Briar支持聊天、群组、论坛和博客功能 Briar handles private chat, group chat, forum and blog.


In the movement against the extradition law in HongKong, Telegram played the greatest part in communication. It illustrates an excellence of experience as well as group chat and broadcast Chanel, allowing hundreds of thousand netizens to stay online simultaneously. Telegram makes the marching organised and exonerated of chaos. The problem is, however, telegram relies on 4G service which is less stable when a unexpectedly large group of people flock into the area, which can cause crackdowns of the service.


To deal with this situation with no internet, the activists turned to use Firechat in OCLP(Occupy Central with Love and Peace) in HongKong, 2014. Unfortunately, Firechat shows terribly unstable performance and unsatisfying user interface. Besides, the relay pattern employed by Firechat may lead to data leaks and man-in-the-middle attack. These are the reasons why Firechat was not used massively. Briar came out without these issues, which means highly suggested for mass movement, such as HongKong(free of the Firewall).


To the worse, the government takes away the internet when it occur to Mainland China's citizens to participate the protest, Yangluo, Wuhan for example. Briar should take a great part in the activities after the internet being shut down. A mesh net work consisted of a unlimited numbers of industrial mesh routers and battery packs can be set up to extend the range of the Wi-Fi direct or Bluetooth.A mesh network can easily cover an area in the radius of hundreds of meters. What it takes is to set up the Wi-Fi without a password, and there is no need for Internet to be involved.

使用MESH路由器组网,可以让WiFi信号无限扩展  With Mesh Routers involved, the Wi-Fi Connection can be extended to an unlimited range.
使用MESH路由器组网,可以让WiFi信号无限扩展 With Mesh Routers involved, the Wi-Fi Connection can be extended to an unlimited range.


It's getting worried that the CPC(Communist Party of China) will totally block the international internet. From my point of view, it's nonsense, as the Internet is decentralised. They may cut off the Submarine Optical Fibre Cable, but not to the satellite. They are all solvable technically. Unfortunately, the public had lots of habits, which are something that cannot be solved. It's not a secret that Weibo and WeChat are under surveillance. Nonetheless, there are sill tons of people talking about sensitive topics, and then suffering punishments from the fingermen in China. Frankly, they deserve it. They don't even protect themselves.


Briar is an app of excellence designed for the communication between acquaintances. Less known and more Secure. It worths every activists responsible to their safety to download and use.

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