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We are a group of ordinary people without big dreams and high expectations but conscious. We believe the justice will take down the evil, and freedom will arrive China. Our goal is to eliminate Communist Party of China, the evil organisation, profoundly in China. We will realise authentic democracy and freedom in the land.

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没有糟糕的文明,只有糟糕的人,不要让野蛮中共重新定义中华文明 (English Version)


Cultures never destroy the civilization, only people do. Chinese Civilisation cannot be defined by the salvage China Communist Party.

民主战车@AU 巡游在堪培拉的中共驻澳大利亚大使馆 Dtank@AU patrolling in front of the Communist China’s embassy in Canberra


A couple of democracy movement organizations attempted to borrow my Dtank to demonstrate on streets recently, and I seldom refused to help them. They could drive my car for free as available. I could not stand with that after a few times, however. They never refilled the gas and clean the garbage, and told me proudly that they advertised for me leaving my car smelling. I was too embarrassed to point it out out of respect but to say thank you insincerely. And then I went to w ash, refuel, and maintenance.


Actually I am clear about what kind of business they are doing with my car. I would not feel uncomfortable that they do asylum business if taking pictures in front of the Chinese consulate with my car really works. At least it proofs my influence. It is not quite acceptable that they use my car for free without refueling, washing and cleaning. Even worse, some said my bad words because of being refused.


It reminds me of 7 professional beggars from China arrested by the police on Melbourne streets. It’s said that they only ask money from non-Asian people as all Chinese people know they are cheats. Every Chinese people with a Australian VISA must have submitted a detailed proof of their money, and then only middle class or more wealthy people are eligible to enter Australia. In fact, they are professional beggars who have daily income of 400 AUD and live in luxury apartment at CBD. Rather than begging, it's fraudulent.


The communist China claims its GDP exceeds 10,000 USD per capita and it is the second most overall. In this case, the Chinese people must be in better manner than the Taiwanese and HongKongers, who live under the former sovereign and in the previous colony, in theory. On the contrary, comparing the parade in Hong Kong with the one in Wuhan, it is obvious that the Hong Kong people are well organised and determined with clear demands, while the Wuhan people are still holding the slogans to reach help from Xi’Dada. They have no idea that it’s their respectful Xi’Dada to send the police to suppress them. There is no doubt that HongKongers are far more civilised than Chinese people.


Affluent food makes manners, and stable life brings honor. It is a brilliant motto that was said 2000 years ago in Chunqiu dynasty. The only reason why the Chinese people are less decent is the poverty. Despite of the second most Gross Domestic Product in the world, the number only looks acceptable on average due to the dramatically large economic stratification. The Chinese government will never share the median publicly. It is because that the few hundred families, less than 10,000 people, dominating 1.4 billion people shares 99.99% of the wealth in this country. They are the actual top 500 wealthiest people on the earth. The so called Hurun Leaderboard is just their camouflage.


Poor people are short sighted. A few people who are willing to take risk cannot get into higher class, so they turn to rip off the people in the bottom of the society. It explains that why the financial scams, and the food and drug safety crisis keep popping up in the society. The tradition have been lost under the anti-intellectual education. Deng Xiaoping trade the soul for the so called economic miracle. The breakdown of morality become the price to make the people in charge wealthy. Then they extinguish the left conscience in the bottom of the society with their wealth and authority.


People have to escape People have to flee the country to protect themselves. If we say that the flood of refugees are resulted from warfare, then the Chinese refugees should thank to the corrupted morality caused by Chinese Communist Party. No morality and guilty existing after decades of brainwash, it’s not hard to understand the unbelievable behaviour of those who run refugee business and begging business.


Many advocates the all Chinese culture are junk. Moreover, even the Chinese language should be abandoned, with reasons listed as above. From my perspective of view, they don’t know Chinese culture at all. It has been dead in China since 1949, and the scatters survived with Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan and the US. The native land has fallen into a salvage realm dominated by the law of jungle, with no humanity left. It is not civilised anymore.


It is the uncivilized people using Chinese, but not the people using Chinese are uncivilized. Never put the cart before the horse.


The Anti-ELAB protest starting from June continues to strike the world. It illustrates the splendid civilization of the Chinese world. The Hong Kong people are bonded together to resist the brutal intruding of the communist China. The last line of defence will collapse if they fail. At that time, the Chinese culture will be redefined thorough by the barbaric Chinese Communist party, and that is the time the Chinese culture is actually perished.



Supporting Hong Kong, and resisting the extradition bill is saving Chinese culture and our root. It makes our immune from asylum seeker and beggars. More importantly, our posterity should not be shamed to speak Chinese.

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