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民主战车@AU诞生记 The birth of Dtank@AU


民主战车@AU 驶向中共驻悉尼领事馆
民主战车@AU 驶向中共驻悉尼领事馆 Dtank@AU heading towards the CCP Consulate at Sydney


It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is a world filled with beauty, it is a world filled with sin. Some look forward to equality and justice, some look forward to depravation and evil.


Every man is free from his heart no matter where he is. I cannot ignore the sin on this world by following the conscience in my soul. Someone have to stand up and fight no matter how powerful the vicious are. And that is the reason why we established DForce, to challenge the thuggish Communist regime through Dtank.


Mr. Xianglin, a man who had spent more than three decades against the Chinese Communist Party overseas created the image of Dtank and made it open-sourced and promoted all over the world. The shockwaves were spread massively on social media. It awakened countless silent Chinese people abroad. It has brought courage to them to resist the threatening by the Chinese Government. So we decided to introduce the Intellectual Property to Australia and make it seen by millions of Chinese people and the Australian government. We need new blood to resist the Communist China and strength our force.

筹备民主战车整整耗费了3个月时间,耗资4万澳币,主要是制作网站、创建队伍、制定形象、选购车辆、确定标语、制作广告、全澳巡游和线上推广。确实是一个复杂的系统工程。 It took us three month to prepare the Dtank with 40,000 AUD cost. Mainly, we built our website, established the team, customized the image, purchased the vehicle, designed the slogans, made the advertisement, cruised all over Australia and promoted online. It is a super complicated project.


The process is too complicated. Just watch these pictures.

深夜赶工制作车贴 Working up late to make the sticker.

通过媒介纸贴车贴,完完全全的技术活 Sticking the slogan is work requires great techniques.

驶向墨尔本,澳洲的风景不是一般的好 Driving to Melbourne and enjoying the gorgeous scenery in Australia

墨尔本唐人街,这么窄的街居然还找到了停车位 Unbelievable! We found parking space on such a narrow streets in Melb Chinatown.

悉尼市中心巡游,路过新南威尔士州美术馆 Patrolling at CBD in Sydney and dropping by art gallery of NSW.

来到堪培拉,维尼皇帝在中共驻澳大使馆前宣示皇权 Emperor Winnie declaring his imperial power in front of the CCP embassy in Canberra.


Lu Xun, an ROC writer who often criticised China, described the ignorant Chinese in his work, Medicine, a hundred years ago. The Chinese people cooked steamed buns with the blood of the warrior who died in the revolution to cure rickets. 66 years later, another book named The Ugly Chinese was written by a Taiwanese writer, Boyang, to criticise and rethink the dark side of Chinese people and the culture. Today we drive Dtank on Melbourne streets after three months’ preparation. To our shock, there are still people thinking like that. On the other hand, it proofs that our work are not in vain. Chinese people have experienced the opening and closing of their mind in 100 years. What’s worse, they are degenerated to the time before the blood steam buns. That’s the reason why it is urgent to wake up the people again.

面对这样的职业五毛,我该怎么说呢? How do we think of these professional commentators?


More and more people are giving positive feedback to us online when we travel and demonstrate among the cities. We have been interviewed by plenty of media in these days. A large number of celebrities has forwarded our pictures on social media. Same time, we are aware of that a great many of silent people have woke up because of our work. That's what Dtank@AU wants!

澳洲某智库研究员居然抓拍到我们并发到Twitter。 To the surprise, a researcher from an Australian Think Tank took a picture of us and posted it on Twitter!


Dtank is not a public stunt and will not stop. Dtank will continue to cruise around the big cities in Australia. It is the spark that will light the fire of opposing. The Chinese Communist Party will be burnt dead if they don’t make a difference.



Are you Falun Gong? Are you supporting the independence of Taiwan? Are you the separatists?


We are DForce that have nothing to do with Falun Gong. Falun Gong is not the only one anti-Communist. We also have nothing to do with the separatists. It should be the people make the decision of independence or federation. Besides, anti-Communists is not the only thing that we are doing. It’s our first priority to wake up the people and spread the idea of democracy and freedom.


Why don't you do it in China instead of in Australia?


It’s unreasonable to ask the question like that. Let me get this straight. We represent the justice, however, we have to admit that we are too weak to fight with the evil Communist China directly. The world it not a fairy tale. The one with power dominates the world. The evil does prevail the justice when they are powerful enough. We need to safeguard our security and we don’t waste our life in vain.

Q:你们的标语“爱国必须反共 反共才是爱国”中,你们爱的是哪个国?

Which is the country that you love in the slogan ”To love your country you must be Anti-Communist. Being Anti-Communist is patriotic”?


Where there is freedom is my country. Country means land and space with freedom while communism brings only slavery and death. We must resist the communism to defend our freedom. The Australian government protect our safety and freedom as we are in Australia. In this case, we need to resist the Communist China’s infiltration and aggression to Australia. Remember, PROC is the illegally occupieded area separated from China, there is no difference between CCP and ISIS.


Why simplified Chinese? Don’t you know it is the Yellow-Russian language? Traditional Chinese is the orthodox one.


I apologize for our laziness. We studied Yellow-Russian characters from our primary school. At least it can be recognized despite of a bit awfulness. I won’t be capable of writing so many things if using traditional Chinese. Additionally, the mandarin that we are speaking is actually the intruder’s language, while the Cantonese, Sichuanese dialects and Shanghainese are the authentic Chinese pronunciation. I do feel uncomfortable to write the Yellow-Russian characters and speak the intruder’s language. The time changes, however. We use the language for communication and it finishes its job as long as you can get it. There would be much more difficulties to promote our ideas of anti-communist, democracy and freedom if we keep fighting on these details.


Do you need a hand? I want to join you guys.


We do need more hands, but we don’t employ people. You can check the details on our websites.


Can I employ your design for free as I want to build my own Dtank.


Of course you are welcome to do so. The links are as below and the copyright is completely open. You can use it as you want. You can also send us a email to X@8964.org.au to ask us for the PSD file if you cannot download it successfully.


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