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天灾人祸期间的通信保障方案 Solutions to maintain the communication in crisis


Let’s keep short about the corona virus breaking out from Wuhan. It puts more blood debt on the Chinese Communist Party that should be paid for the Chinese people. Besides washing hands, wearing respirator and keeping a storage of materials, most crucially, you have to keep in touch with the world to survive, as the Chinese government is not trusted.


I’ll introduce the equipment and software that I used for communication based on my humble knowledge.

1、手机和SIM卡 Phones and SIM card.


There need not be much talk about cell phones as everyone has one. It would be better if you buy another iphone or imported Android phone. I’ll talk more about SIM Card.


The Chinese government are tracking the number of Wuhan people with ISP(Internet Service Provider). In this case, you need a new SIM Card. Though it’s the safest way to use an international SIM card provided by a foreign ISP, it’s just too expensive. Applying a new SIM Card from the native ISP requires your ID, which means it does not help.(The verified SIM Card bought from Taobao is not stable and easily suspended). So you might ask where to get an anonymous SIM Card with a Chinese phone number.


The three telecommunication giants in Chinese opened branches abroad in recent years. They expand their market with price even lower than its cost. China Mobile HK SIM Card, the Great Firewall circumvention gadget I mentioned before, is the product of the Branch of China Mobile in Hong Kong. Here are the links of the recommended plans.

中国电信英国 China Telecom UK

中国移动英国 China Mobile UK

中国联通英国 China Unicom UK


All three of them allows posting the SIM Card to China with card and delivery fee free of charge. It supports two numbers(one British and one Chinese numbers) on one single card. There are no big differences among these companies’ policy. Most importantly, you can register Chinese social media and hold a Chinese number without being tracked.


We have to take precautions about fully take down of the internet as well. As they won’t do it physically but electronically, generally we can deal with this issue by using international Sim Card. Here are the links of the recommended ISP:

中移香港万众卡 China Mobile HK SIM Card


AIRSIM Sim Card Without Border(The data plan is of a reasonable price)

新西兰手机卡(不能寄到中国) New Zealand SIM Card(Can’t be shipped to China)


Frankly, I am not confident about the validity under the circumstances like Iran, since I don’t have such experience. Nonetheless, you can keep it as backup due to the reasonable price and censorship bypassing feature.

2、对讲机 Radio


Although radio is the old fashioned technology and few people know how to use it. To tell you a secret, you can contact the emergency department if you failed to reach “000”. It may save your life.


To be clear, the radio is not cheap. Never use the toy radio that you see in the restaurant, hotel, construction site.

推荐型号1:欧讯 KG-UV90(Plus)

Recommend 1: Woxun KG-UV90(Plus)

官方店购买链接 Official purchase link:


Pros: Fully functioned and reliable.


Cons: Ugly Black Big


Recommend 2: SenHaiX SHX8800

非官方店购买链接 Unofficial purchase link:


Pros: USB Charging, Bluetooth, good sound quality.


Cons: Ugly Big, missed some function


Who should I speak to with a radio? The relay it is.


The Relay is setup by Ham enthusiasts and travelers all over the country. You can reach quite a few people with proper frequency. It covers the whole city and you don’t need to worry about losing contact.

中继台查询方法:关注微信公众号:BG6DWR ,关注后按提示操作即可

The Relay is setup by Ham enthusiasts and travelers all over the country. You can reach quite a few people with proper frequency. It covers the whole city and you don’t need to worry about losing contact.

3、科学上网 Censorship Circumvention(VPN)


The Great Firewall is not stable recently, but it is much easier to bypass the firewall than it was in June and October.


I would recommend a popular app “geph” as the circumvention tool. It was tested to be OK and the bandwidth is acceptable for Telegram. However, you’d better pay for it if you want to watch videos on YouTube, Netflix or Pornhub.

下载地址 Download Link:


It’s nice to setup V2ray server with Google Cloud. You can use it for free for a year with the 300 USD coupon. You can get it once registered.

搭建攻略 Guide :


There are more complicated techniques for emergent communication beyond normal people’s demand. The three methods above is good enough for you.


Wish you guys all well, make it survived, then we’ll clear the bloody debt from Chinese Communist Party.

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